Disclosure: I am not a doctor and I am only sharing this info because it is how I have decreased my migraines.


So, for nearly my whole life I have had migraines. There has been times where I have had one nearly every day for weeks. They are no fun and seriously can prevent you from doing life at all. I cannot tell you how many things I have had to cancel last minute because I had a migraine.

Now, the first thing that I did was start a food journal. Everything I would eat I would write down and the times. Now when I would get a migraine I would mark it down as well with the time. Now months prior to doing this I had cut gluten and dairy out of my diet due to being allergic to them and this helped decrease some of my migraines but not all of them.

Now, back to the food journal, I began to notice a pattern, whenever I would eat processed food and anything with high fructose corn syrup(yes, it is even in most ketchup which I eat a lot!) in it within the hour I would have a migraine or if I ate it shortly before bed I would wake up with one. So, I began to test it and started cutting our processed food especially candy. Yes, I have a huge sweet tooth, so this was hard! After a while my resistance would wear thin and I would eat something in the candy family and sure enough within the hour, MIGRAINE! So, I now avoid candy, I eat organic strawberries or blueberries instead(I am more of a fruity and sour flavor candy eater so this helped). I also read labels on everything and anything with corn syrup or any other name I don’t understand or cannot pronounce I avoid.

Now, I know this may not help everyone but this has really reduced my migraines, I know sometimes we have migraines that may be hormonal and are harder to control(i do get these sometimes) but I think this is worth the try especially since it may help!

I think sometimes migraines can be avoided just by us eating better and really listening to our bodies red flags it sends us. It is amazing how God designed our bodies!

Praying this helps you guys and also praying for complete wisdom and healing for those suffering from migraines so you can function the way God designed you to!

Have you tried this before or are you going to try this? Has it helped? Please comment and share your story!


-With love,

Steph O.



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