Vegan dinner idea #1

So, I made the decision to go vegan 2 1/2 months ago due to some health reasons. I have been a lot more creative with my meals than the last time I tried to be vegan. I have a lot of friends who have asked me to post some recipes and sometimes it is hard for me to do so because I don’t use exact measurements with most of my cooking but this will be my first attempt to give you guys a vegan meal idea. Most of these I don’t have a name for but here goes.

This first meal I love to make and then store the rest for meals for the next day. Here are my ingredients:

So first, I put two cups of rice in my rice cooker ( make more if you have more than 1 person).

Then next in one big pan I put 1 can black beans, 1 can diced tomatoes(i like the ones with green chiles), 1 can corn, then I sprinkle cumin, taco seasoning, and nutritional yeast in it. I don’t have exact amounts with the seasoning so I would say put a good enough amount to cover the top and stir in. If you decide it needs more from taste testing, do so.

Once the rice is done and the ingredients in the pan are warmed, I put the mix over the rice and mix in it together. Add a side of blue corn chips and salsa and you are good to go!

This is one of my favorite quick dinner meals. If you decide to make this leave a comment on your opinion and tag me on instagram with your photos @stephssetapart

Thanks for reading and I will have more meals and blogs coming your way soon 🙂

With love,

Steph O.


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